Gigi. 20. Mortuus in anima curam gero cutis.
"I was at the Oscars once, for Serpico. That was the second time I was nominated. I was sitting in the third or fourth row with Diane Keaton. Jeff Bridges was there with his girl. No one expected me to come. I was a little high. Somebody had done something to my hair, blew it or something, and I looked like I had a bird’s nest on my head, a real mess. I sat there and tried to look indifferent because I was so nervous. Any time I’m nervous, I try to put on an indifferent or a cold look. At one point, I turned to Jeff Bridges and said, "Hey, looks like there won’t be time to get to the Best Actor awards." He gave me a strange look. He said, "Oh, really?" I said, "It’s over, the hour is up." He said, "It’s three hours long." I thought it was an hour TV show, can you imagine that? And I had to pee bad. So I popped a Valium. Actually, I was eating Valium like they were candy. Chewed on them. Finally came the Best Actor. Can you imagine the shape I was in? I couldn’t have made it to the stage. I was praying, "Please don’t let it be me. Please." And I hear … "Jack Lemmon." I was just so happy I didn’t have to get up, because I never would have made it."

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Actual fairy princess Mary Garden (1864 - 1967)


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Gustav Klimt, Hygeia (Detail from Medicine), 1900-1907 (destroyed: 1945)


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Anna Netrebko as Lady Macbeth in the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Verdi’s Macbeth (2014)

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Movie: Praia do Futuro - 2014 X


Benjamin Britten having a ball in a chair.

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Dreaming of Another World - Guinevere van Seenus by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia March 2011.

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From the “Fucking Tourists!” series by Jolipunk, who asked local people like this Peruvian woman to express their real feelings about having their photos taken by tourists.

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i’m straight i’m straight i’m straight i’m straight i’m straight i’m straight i’m 

And I’m a big ol’ lesbian and I’m LESBIANING ALL OVER THIS VIDEO

I feel like this is an accurate summary of the opera fandom.


Jonas Kaufmann in the Casanova Variations.

Summer with Monika / Sommaren med Monika (1953) dir. Ingmar Bergman.

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  • People who are just getting into classical music: this fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach is absolutely sublime, conveying all the genius and charm of the genre. To listen to it is an epiphany of peace and light
  • People who have loved classical for a long time: Heyo this Respighi cantata is fuccing DOPE u needa get in on this shit
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    looking @ post-grad programs and realizing i’ll have to work the entire year of  2015 just to be able to start dreaming about it