Gigi. 20. Mortuus in anima curam gero cutis.

Sophia Loren in front of a wall of Azaleas in Italy, 1964. Photo by Mario De Biasi

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Summer with Monika (1953)

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White Peacock, Botanical Garden, Lisbon, Portugal

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rare image of vladimir putin absorbing the life force of a small child

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yall i had told amber i knew dima would do the ice bucket challenge shirtless and he did do it YET IT WENT BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS AND HE CHALLENGED KAUFMANN



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    "I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]

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    jesus christ

    while working at a party last night  3 males accomplished to harass me - a 15 year old grabbed my face, a dude in his twenties spent the whole night appearing out of nowhere behind me do to somethng “funny” diminishing my work, and this disgusting 58 63 year old got really near my face to say “you look beautiful”.

    It’s like the cycle is complete. 3 generations of complete bastards.


    Exclusive First Look: Laverne Cox in V magazine’s “Rebels” issue:

    “A lot of my life has been about me charting my own space for myself, creating a space for myself to survive. Now I’m trying to reframe my experiences. I’m not just in survival mode anymore. I’m in a space where I can thrive.”

    Click to read an exclusive excerpt from the story

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    Was that title absolutely necessary?

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    this is especially for parmandil but i think we all should have a wet Joyce on our blogs! ;) hehehe!!!

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    my anaconda don’t

    my anaconda don’t 

    my anaconda don’t want none unless you’re a baritone son


    Jodie Smith by Abby Rose

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